mercoledì 11 luglio 2007


It's all about character:
watch your thoughts;
they become words.
watch your words;
they become actions.
watch your actions;
they become habits.
whatch your habits;
they become character.
watch your character;
it becomes your destiny...

2 commenti:

MEGAN ha detto...

aw yeah i understand that!
yeah ive got your sister living in my closet i only fed her bread and water and let her on the computer for 2 minuets each day
so yeahh you jelouse?
hahahah nahh just joking
hows america? is it nice
well im going now laterz

Siber ha detto...

Megaaaaaaan!!!!!!hi!!! i sow only now that u wrote me!!!ihihihiih!!!!.....
uahuah..poor sister!!!! ;P
but...yeah i'm soo jelouse!!!!...
America is fantastic!